Comité Nacional por la Libertad de los Cinco Cubanos

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British Priest Widens Campaign for Cuban 5 Release

Mar. 15, 2007
Reprinted from Prensa Latina

Havana, Mar 15 (Prensa Latina) British Catholic priest Geoffrey Bottoms assured Thursday he will do his best to get the release of the Cuban Five.

During a three-day visit to Cuba, Bottoms gave details of his steps for British radio station BBC to make phone interviews with the Cuban Five.

He recognized how hard the work is but he considered the program will be a hard blow to the US government and the media blockade maintained on the case.

The program is one of the most listened programs in Great Britain, he said.

"We think the US will lose this battle, we are convinced the Cuban Five will return to their native country," said Bottom, also a member of the National Executive of the Campaign of Solidarity with Cuba in the UK.

Signed by 135 members of the European Parliament, a motion against the rejection of the right of prisoners to receive family visits, in February, was another effort conducted by the British activist.

He also announced they would invite lawyer Leonard Weinglass to visit the UK to give conferences and dialogues, and also meetings at the British Parliament, with trade unions and branches of the Campaign of Solidarity with Cuba.

He assured they would exhibit a documentary film called El Proceso (The Process) with sub-titles in English, by Cuban Rolando Almirante, as a way to catch the attention of the British public.



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