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Who are the Cuban Five?


Washington secretly paid journalists during trial

While the U.S. government prosecuted the Five, Miami journalists
who reported on the trial with extremely biased coverage were
secretly on the government payroll, unknown to the defense.

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12/17/14: Gloria La Riva interviewed by Dennis Bernstein on KPFA Flashpoints (mp3)

12/17/14: Statement by Raúl Castro, President of Cuba: : The Five are Already in Cuba / Alocución del Presidente cubano Raúl Castro: Los Cinco ya están en Cuba

12/9/14: New Book of Cartoons by Gerardo Hernández / Nuevo libro de Dibujos de Gerardo Hernández

12/4/14: “Do Something Right Before Your Mandate Ends, President Obama”

12/3/14: Cuba’s extraordinary global medical record shames the US blockade

11/30/14: teleSUR Interviews Fernando González

11/17/14: Gerardo Hernández: Guilty as charged? Alan Gross: Innocent as claimed? / Gerardo Hernández: ¿Culpable de la acusación? Alan Gross: ¿Inocente como reclama?

11/17/14: Mara Verheyden-Hilliard of the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund interviewed by Law and Disorder Radio (mp3)

11/17/14: Stephen Kimber on the Taylor Report with Phil Taylor

11/7/14: CNN: Could a US-Cuba prisoner swap break ice?

11/6/14: Delegation calls on President Obama to grant humanitarian pardons for the Cuban Five / Delegación presenta informe final sobre los cinco a Gobierno de los Estados Unidos

11/6/14: Ricardo Alarcón: The New York Times breaks the media blockade / The New York Times rompe el bloqueo mediático

11/2/14: NY Times Editorial: A Prisoner Swap With Cuba / Un canje de presos con Cuba

10/20/14: Church World Service Urges U.S. Release of Cuban 5 Detainees, and Cuba Release of U.S. Detainee / Presidente de Servicio Mundial de Iglesias visita a héroe Antonio Guerrero en prisión federal de Florida

10/20/14: The importance of the appeals process of Gerardo, Ramón and Antonio / La importancia del proceso de apelación de Gerardo, Ramón y Antonio

10/17/14: The Cuban Five on billboards in San Salvador! / Los Cinco antiterroristas cubanos en vallas de San Salvador

10/14/14: René González and Gloria La Riva interviewed by Global Research on CKUW (Winnipeg) (mp3)

 10/8/14: San Francisco, Friday, Oct. 10: Tell Obama - Free the Cuban Five!

 10/7/14: New York City, Saturday, Oct. 25: U.S.-Cuba Relations and the Case of the Cuban Five

9/22/14: 10th International Colloquium / X Coloquio Internacional

9/22/14: Antonio Guerrero's 16 new watercolors on the rigged Miami trial against the Cuban Five / Las 16 acuarelas nuevas de Antonio Guerrero sobre el amañado juicio en Miami contra los Cinco

9/11/14: Discover the Five: a new animated introduction to the Cuban Five

9/8/14: René González denied visa to enter England to speak; events to continue

9/1/14: USAID: nonsense and disgrace / USAID: infamia y disparates

8/26/14:South African Parliament calls on US to release Cuban Five

 8/26/14: Friday, Sept. 12, San Francisco: Rally & Program featuring Nancy Morejón

8/12/14: Censorship could not stop Antonio Guerrero's art show in Miami / La censura no pudo evitar exposición de Antonio Guerrero en Miami

8/7/14: Cuban Five Receive Nelson Mandela Award / Premiados antiterroristas cubanos

8/5/14: Threats by Miami Anti-Cuba Circles Thwart Art Exhibit of Cuban Hero / Derecha anticubana obliga a cancelar exposición de Antonio Guerrero en Miami

8/1/14: Message from the Cuban Five on the Israeli Assault on Gaza / Mensaje de los Cinco sobre la Asalto Israelí en Gaza

7/29/14: The Cuban Five - when five minus two makes Five / La Cuba Cinco - cuando cinco dos menos hace cinco

7/16/14: Homage from the Five to South Africa's Nobel Prize Laureate Nadine Gordimer / Homenaje de los Cinco a la Premio Nobel sudafricana Nadine Gordimer

7/14/14: Ricardo Alarcón: Nadine Gordimer and her eternal spring / Nadine Gordimer y su eterna primavera

6/25/14: Josefina Vidal talks to NPR about the Cuban Five, the Blockade, and more

6/25/14: Book About The Cuban Five is Finalist for Literary Award in Canada / Libro sobre los Cinco finalista a premio literario en Canadá

6/24/14: Margaret Becker: Visiting Antonio in Marianna Prison / Visitando a Antonio en la Prisión de Marianna

6/19/14: Interview with Ramón Labañino: "I did what’s right and have never endangered anyone." / Entrevista con Ramón Labañino: "Hice lo justo y jamás he dañado a nadie"

6/17/14: The Case of the Cuban 5 Becomes a Point of Discussion in Washington DC / Caso de los 5 Cubanos, tema de discusión en Washington D.C.

6/17/14: Terrorism As A Weapon Of Hegemony

6/16/14: Fernando González named Vice-President of ICAP / Nominan Fernando González como Vicepresidente del ICAP

6/15/14: Ramón Labañino: A Todos Nuestros Hermanos De Cuba Y El Mundo

6/13/14: Habla Nancy Morejón: De Héroes, escritores y artistas

6/11/14: Cuban double agent reveals CIA machinations in Cuba

6/9/14: Baltimore Post-Examiner: Free the Cuban Five Rally at the White House

6/5/14: Andrés Gómez: A Washington a la III Jornada por los Cinco

6/4/14: Gerardo Hernández cumple años: Desde su celda, él nos envía un mensaje

6/2/14: Fernando González: US-Taliban Prisoner Swap a Precedent

6/2/14: Rueda de prensa en Miami exige información sobre terrorismo anti-Cuba

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Help Expose Government's Secret Operation
Washington secretly paid Miami journalists during Five’s original trial

The National Committee to Free the Cuban five has uncovered substantial information about the U.S. government's secret collaboration with the media, through several Freedom of Information Act petitions. This new evidence is a vital part of the Cuban Five's current legal appeals. Research into the U.S. government's illegal propoganda operation is ongoing. Click here to download the 562-page report.


Media Took US Gov't Cash During Trial of Cuban Five

Evidence that conviction of the Cuban Five was influenced by journalists on the State Dept. payroll

By The Real News | 10:07 min.

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Discover the Five

A wonderful new animated video providing an excellent introduction to the case of the Cuban Five

On The Legal Front
Press conference with Martin Garbus

Renowned lawyer Martin Garbus, called "legendary, one of the best trial lawyers in the country" by Time magazine, has joined the team of lawyers appealing the convictions of the Cuban Five. In early June Garbus and Supreme Court specialist Thomas Goldstein, together with long-time Cuban Five lawyer Richard Klugh, filed a motion in U.S. Southern District Court, seeking an evidentiary hearing and the right to discovery on behalf of Gerardo Hernández, in his Habeas Corpus appeal. This motion relates specifically to the issue of U.S. government payments to members of the Miami media during the trial of the Five, journalists whose coverage helped to add to the already poisonous atmosphere in Miami against the Five.

Listen to Garbus explain the latest developments at a June 13, 2012 press conference:

Raising the VISIBILITY of the struggle
Full-page ad in the Washington Post!

On April 30, 2012, the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five published a full-page ad in the Washington Post, where it was seen by hundreds of thousands of people. This effort to raise the visibility of the demand to free the Five was thanks to a year-long joint fund-raising efforts of Cuban Five committees worldwide.

Extradite CIA AssasSin Luis Posada Carriles
Wanted for terrorism in Venezuela, Cuba, and Central America;
Living in Miami, protected by the U.S. Government

Luis Posada Carriles is the most notorious of the many Miami-based terrorists who the Cuban Five were monitoring and preventing from carrying out further acts of terrorism against the people of Cuba and others around the world. His most notorious crime was masterminding the mid-air explosion of Cubana Flight 455 in 1976, killing all 73 people on board. He is wanted in Venezuela on 73 counts of murder, and the U.S. government has been studiously ignoring the Venezuelan government's extradition request.


Brian Becker at the Posada Tribunal

Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition speaks at the Posada Tribunal held in El Paso, TX on Jan. 2011, the night before the beginning of the sham trial of Luis Posada Carriles on illegal immigration charges.

National Committee to Free the Cuban Five video | 17:13 min.

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