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National Committee to Free the Cuban Five Mourns the Death of Bernie Dwyer

Bernie Dwyer, long-time journalist for Radio Habana Cuba, and Irish citizen, died on July 10 after a long and valiant fight against cancer.

Co-producer with Roberto Ruiz of the seminal documentary, “Mission Against Terror,” she quickly won the admiration and support of Cuban Five supporters around the world for the inspiring and educational film that brought to life the anti-terrorist mission of Gerardo, Ramón, Antonio, Fernando and René, and explained so eloquently their freedom struggle.

Debuted in 2004, it remains a valuable instrument and one of the most important films of the Cuban Five.

Bernie was recognized not only for her dedicated journalist reporting on the Five, she was also an advocate for the Cuban heroes. She came to the United States for their three federal court hearings, Miami in 2004, Atlanta in 2006 and 2007.

The Cuban Five heroes are in mourning for Bernie’s passing. Fernando González from Safford federal prison in Arizona, wrote on July 10, “I just learned from my mother that Bernie Dwyer passed away. It is very sad and a great loss for all of us. She was a fighter and a staunch supporter of The Five. She had a great talent, too, which she always used to advance just causes.”

We in the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five who worked with her since 2001 remember her warmth, verve and journalistic professionalism, and Irish revolutionary spirit. She fought valiantly to survive cancer for several years, and never gave up working for justice.

Our profound sentiments go out to her family and friends and colleagues at Radio Habana Cuba.

Bernie Dwyer Presente!

Journalist Bernie Dwyer Passed Away In Dublin

July 10, 2013
Reprinted from ACN

Havana, Cuba (acn)--Irish journalist Bernie Dwyer passed away on Wednesday morning in Dublin surrounded by her family and close friends. Bernie was a journalist for Radio Havana Cuba´s English Language Service and dedicated most of her years at the station in covering the case of the Cuban Five.

In addition to her work as a Cuban journalist Bernie worked with numerous solidarity with Cuba Organizations and Free the Five Committees in Europe. Director and producer of numerous documentaries including Mission Against Terror in which highlights why the Cuban Five had infiltrated the extreme right wing terrorist organizations based in Miami and The Day Diplomacy Died based on two Cuban agents who infiltrated the so called Dissidents groups on the island.

Bernie Dwyer had been linked to the Havana Latin American film festivals and the Cuban Union of Writers and Artists (UNEAC) since 1996 by organizing cultural and film exchanges in Ireland and in Cuba. In the last few years she had been working on documentaries that feature cultural links between Ireland and Cuba in collaboration with Cuban documentary film makers.

Among some of the awards Bernie received for other documentaries were:

2000 “Che, the Irish legacy” Awarded by the Cuban Journalists Union (UPEC) 26th of July and the Jorge Ricardo Massetti award
2002 “The Footprints of Cecilia McPartland”(Las huellas de Cecilia McPartland)
26th of July UPEC Award.
2003 Award for Digital journalism 26th of July UPEC Award.
2004 Special Acknowledgments for her work in anti-terrorist journalism
2004 “Mission against Terror” Special Mention in the 26th Latin American Film
Festival in Havana.
2005 “Mission against Terror” Special mention “Juan Gualberto Gómez’s Annual
Award. UPEC
2005 “Mission against Terror” Jorge Ricardo Massetti Award in UPEC 26th July competition.
2005 “Mission against Terror” National UPEC 26th July award for Historical Journalism in television

In collaboration with Cuban filmmakers Bernie directed and produced four documentaries:

2002: “The Footprints of Cecilia McPartland” (Irish mother of Cuban revolutionary Julio Antonio Mella)
2004: “Mission Against Terror” (Case of the Cuban Five) and "The Day Diplomacy Died."

Activista Irlandesa Bernie Dwyer fallece en Dublín

10 de julio de 2013
Tomado de Radio Habana Cuba

La Habana, Julio 10 (RHC)- La activista de solidaridad Bernardette Dwyer falleció en la madrugada de este miércoles, 10 de julio, en su natal Irlanda, rodeada de sus familiares.

Bernie, como la llamaban sus compañeros y amigos, trabajó durante diez años de periodista y locutora en la Redacción de Inglés de Radio Habana Cuba.

Destacada activista de solidaridad y por los derechos civiles, Bernie luchó incansablemente a favor de la libertad de los Cinco antiterroristas cubanos prisioneros en Estados Unidos y de otras causas justas alrededor del mundo.

Conocida además por las innumerables entrevistas que le realizó a personalidades cubanas y extranjeras, Bernie fue también una destacada cineasta. Dirigió varios documentales, entre ellos 'Misión contra el terror', sobre la larga lista de ataques terroristas perpetrados contra Cuba desde los Estados Unidos y el caso de los Cinco y 'La historia de un hombre', basado en una entrevista que le realizó al ex agente de la CIA Philip Agee.

Visitó Cuba por primera vez en el año 1988 como miembro de la Brigada Nórdica de Solidaridad. Diez años más tarde, en 1998, regresó a la isla con la caravana de Pastores por la Paz.

En el año 2000, comenzó a trabajar como periodista y locutora de Radio Habana Cuba hasta el momento de su retiro en diciembre del 2011.

A nombre de Radio Habana Cuba, expresamos nuestras sentidas condolencias a sus familiares y amigos.

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